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Love is the answer.

Love is simple.
Love is who you are.
Love is in all of us & around us, in every moment.

You are deserving and worthy of love.

Let’s be real… Life isn’t easy. Sometimes, it’s too difficult to imagine opening ourselves up to opportunities because we’ve been hurt or disappointed before.

Love can cure your sadness, your pain, the war inside you. Love will heal you, if you let it in.

So much of the world tells us that we need to be a certain way other than we are and that can make us feel like we’re not good enough, smart enough, or worthy. No one wants to feel inadequate or unlovable. The modern world has conditioned us to block the flow of love. We’re shut off from fully living because we’ve chosen to protect ourselves by building a wall or shield around our heart. This wall keeps love out, and it traps us in fear.

Fear is ugly. Fear has many faces: anger, rage, jealousy, self-hate, judgment of self and others, resentment, guilt, shame and other limiting beliefs (I will never succeed; I can never do things right; I am a failure; I hate myself and everyone else, etc.). Sound familiar? When we hold onto fear, we create suffering.

Love is a powerful energy that exists throughout our universe and lives inside of YOU. When you consciously choose to let it flow, only wonderful, desired and higher-good outcomes will occur —often seemingly by “magic.”


With LOVE as your greatest fuel source
you can have the happiness and inner peace you crave.

My Wish For You

That you live a life that you’re fired up about. That you see yourself in such an amazing light and recognize you are enough. That you feel loved and have everything you could ever imagine. I wish for you a life of freedom, so you are no longer trapped by fear. I wish for you abundant joy and utmost inner peace.

With daily consistent, persistent inspired action, your wishes and deepest desires can come true. What will you choose today? To continue to struggle and suffer, or to take the first step today toward the life you’ve always wanted?

My Mission: To help you wake up to love.

My mission is to help you eliminate (once and for all!) anything standing in the way of your happiness. We all have the answers inside of us; it just gets clouded because of the world we live in.

My mission is to show you how to open yourself up to life’s love notes, to be seen, to love yourself and to let others love you for who you are (you’re incredible!), and to create a life you are truly fired up about each and every day.

The driving force behind my mission.

I struggled in my past to see love for myself and to let it in. I was living hidden inside myself, a fortress of protection between me and life so I wouldn’t get hurt. I was constantly pushing to prove myself and chasing after things that didn’t matter… because I thought I needed to prove my worth. Whatever I did never felt good enough.

I worked in PR, I designed high-end events at a five-star facility, and I worked in movie production, having once raised millions of dollars for independent feature films. Work success gave me the opportunity to be mentored by Shonda Rhimes (creator of the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy) for a show I had created.

I was chasing after money and status to make myself happy. I thought that’s what you had to do. While things seemed great on the outside, I felt alone, a chronic buzz of sadness inside me. Something was always missing. I began to see that I had been sucked into accepting the role society wanted me to play instead of choosing a life I loved.

As if society doesn’t influence our self-image enough, I grew up in a Chinese household where I was being compared to others and I had to be more, do more and have more. In the Chinese culture, success = happiness. Money = happiness. Supposedly, the more money you have, the happier you should be. (Note: I said should. It just doesn’t work that way.)

I strove hard and pushed hard and tried hard, but I always fell short. The outcomes never felt quite worth the effort, nor did I feel any sense of satisfaction. While there was nothing in particular that I could specifically pinpoint to, I felt a constant low buzz of unhappiness. I felt lonely, stuck, confused, without purpose, constantly comparing myself to others, feeling less than and so behind in life.

And I continued to beat myself up and tell myself to push harder, to do more, to keep going. There was a lot of mental drama and a lack of spiritual connection in my life. I ignored my inner voice, desperate for me to slow down, to rest and to worry less.

There is a happy ending to this story . . . after a major crash and burn.

The Big Ah-Ha!

A heart-shattering, world-came-crashing-down break-up was the finale to my inner turmoil. I sunk into a dark depression. This was my rock bottom. I couldn’t function. I was drowning in self-loathing feelings of unworthiness and hopelessness. One night at dinner my mother took a stand and lovingly fought for me.

Mom’s words: I can’t keep supporting you like this. If you want to change, I will be there for you. But I can’t keep standing by watching you unnecessarily create suffering for yourself. You have a choice.

My Reaction: Firing F-bombs at my mom (I apologized for those eventually). I felt in that moment that she was deserting me and that I wasn’t enough for her to want to stick around to keep supporting me. Afterwards, when faced at looking at my suffering, I realized I did have a choice. I could continue to give up my power to my inner demons… or I could stop creating the suffering and choose, instead, to create happiness and inner peace for myself, no matter what. This is how I began my journey of being fueled by love.

My Ah-Ha: I have a choice. I can choose powerfully to have love guide me or I could choose to keep swirling around in fear.

My Love Catalyst: My mother. She saved my life from my own inner hell. While her words initially triggered my deepest fears of abandonment and not being good enough, they also helped me see how she committed an act of fierce love because she cared deeply about me and really wanted me to be happy and to have my power back. My Mom was my catalyst to spark me to move
back towards love.

Mission Possible

After my big Ah-Ha, I chose to come closer to love in my inner journey, committed myself to peeling back the layers so that I could choose to live an extraordinary life that I’m fired up about.

Mission: Find how to keep happiness and inner peace alive. To live a life I love!

Task Force: Enroll in leadership and transformational programs, read a ton of personal growth books, attend dozens of seminars, research, find, discover! Learn, apply, become, love!

Discovery: After nearly a decade, it became crystal clear to me that in order to attain lasting inner peace and happiness, there was one fuel source to live in: LOVE. Love for myself, love for others, and putting love into everything that I do.

My purpose is to live in love, to serve and contribute to others. My calling is to help people develop and transform themselves and to alleviate suffering. I have taken my stumbling and what I’ve learned in my own journey to create a way to positively impact people like YOU.


My Official Cred

Because of my personal journey and mission to help others these past 15 years, I have amassed a large amount of knowledge, ageless wisdom teachings, effective tools and techniques that work and when applied and integrated into your life, can bring forth happiness and peace no matter what.

  • I have a Psychology Degree from U.C. Berkeley.
  • I became a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach through the world renowned Coaches Training Institute.
  • I turned to my coaches and mentors Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes to get trained in Strategic Interventions.
  • I was trained as a hypnotherapist throught the Hypnosis Motivation Institute.
  • I am the resident coach at a women’s treatment center working with women who have borderline personality disorder.
  • Other teachers over the past 15 years have been LIFE, failures, other coaches, friends and family.
  • I am experienced and skilled at creating dynamic action-oriented exercises to help people learn how to implement positive shifts in their lives.
  • I have worked with hundreds of people from executives to artists helping them to put themselves in charge of their own life. I’ve guided people back to their personal power and infinite potential, helping them to see life differently, giving them skills and confidence to fulfill their personal vision, and helping them make positive change that transforms their lives.
You deserve love and happiness beyond your wildest dreams.

Take three deep breaths and say out loud, “I matter. I am worthy.”

You have a choice: accept the role society wants you to play and keep being driven by fear or choose your own path to create the life you will madly and wildly love.

With love as your fuel source, anything that is challenging in your life doesn’t stand a chance. Love is bigger than your obstacles. Love is stronger than your fears.

I would be honored to stand by you on this journey toward love, whether you are scaling small hurdles of everyday life or in the midst of a big upheaval.

I love working with people who are willing to get fully raw and real about the lasting, positive change they crave in their lives. People like you who want more, who are ready to learn how to connect to your true self, who are willing to do the work to create happiness and inner peace. Let’s walk down the path together.