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Completing the Old, Creating the New: Questions to Help You Rock 2015


I’m a big fan of continually reflecting, connecting and intentionally creating. (But that’s probably not a surprise.)

At the end of last year, I sent out an email to the peeps on my list and shared with them an exercise I do with a lot of my clients.  It’s a bunch of questions to contemplate and complete to close out the end of the year, and to get your juices flowing for who you want to be, and what you want to create in the new year.

I got such a great response from it, and am still getting positive comments about how it made a difference for them and the people they shared it with, I’m posting them up right here.
Here they are:


• What was your biggest triumph in 2014?
• What was the smartest decision you made in 2014?
• What one word best sums up and describes your 2014 experience?
• What are the greatest lessons you learned in 2014?
• How have you seen yourself grow in 2014?
• What are you letting go of in 2014?
• What are you taking with you into 2014?
• What are you grateful for in 2014?
• What was the most loving service you performed in 2014?
• How did you, and who did you contribute to in 2014?
• What is your biggest piece of unfinished business in 2014?
• What are you most happy about completing in 2014?
• Who were the three people that had the greatest impact on your life in 2014?
• What was the biggest risk you took in 2014?
• What was the biggest surprise in 2014?
• What important relationship improved the most in 2014?
• What acknowledgment would you liked to have received in 2014?
• What acknowledgment would you liked to have given in 2014?
• What would you like to acknowledge yourself for in 2014?
• What else do you need to do or say to be complete with 2014?


• What would you like to be your biggest triumph in 2015?
• What kind of person is able to accomplish the biggest triumph you just named?  Describe that person because that’s going to be you!  This is who you get to be.
• What advice would you like to give yourself in 2015?
• Who or what, other than yourself, are you most committed to loving and serving in 2015? How will you do this?
• What is the major effort you are planning to improve your financial results in 2015?
• What would you be most happy about completing in 2015?
• What major indulgence are you willing to experience in 2015?
• How would you like to see yourself grow in 2015?
• What are you looking forward to learning in 2015?
• What’s something that scares you that you’re willing to do in 2015? Your biggest risk?
• What about your work, are you most committed to changing and improving in 2015?
• What is one as yet undeveloped talent you are willing to explore in 2015?
• What brings you the most joy and how are you going to do or have more of that in 2015?
• What one word would you like to have as your theme in 2015? If you come up with a few, that’s o.k. too.

Have fun with these questions, and I’d love to hear some of the things you learned in 2014, and what you’re intending to create in 2015. Please leave them in a comment below. I know you’re gonna rock it out.

And if you want a jump start, relax and unwrap my gift to you. I created this free Forgiveness Meditation to support you in clearing out anger and hurt from the past so that you can create a future you love!

Jan 12th, 2015

The Key Ingredient To Becoming Extraordinary: A Lesson From Jerry Rice


Have you ever heard a story so powerful that its impact changed you on a cellular level?

I met one of my new mentors and teachers, Bo Eason, this past weekend at a four-day training, and he told a story that did just that — he told a story that changed me, to the very fiber of my identity.

Bo, a former NFL Star, Broadway Playwright, Actor and Expert Storyteller, is an incredible speaker who holds your breath and makes you cling to his every word.


Dec 14th, 2014

2013: The year of shedding for love


There is a massive shift happening right now. Change is imminent. I have felt it in a BIG way this year.

Let me tell you a little about the past few months…
In April, the catalyst to my shift was when I discovered that my live-in boyfriend, who I thought I was going to marry, had created an active profile on After a morning meditation, I got an intuition to check and I found exactly what I didn’t want to find. I logged in with my old passcodes, and with a click of a button I saw his new profile and it even said “Online Now! IM me.” In that moment, it felt like my whole world was crashing down. But in the end, I saw that it was actually a huge blessing. It took awhile to get to see the blessing, but I knew the reason was because I needed to learn something that would beautifully alter me and how I approached life.


Aug 5th, 2013
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For several years now, I’ve had Stephanie as my life coach, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Her knowledge, insight, and wisdom have helped me tremendously and her genuine personality, caring spirit, and loving soul are traits I will forever treasure.
~ Jade Witte
Stephanie doesn't allow people to play small and she knew just how to work with me to get me to take actions on things that I wanted to for years but I never did. I have faced my fears and see that I am so much bigger than who I thought I was. I am thankful that Stephanie saw something more in me and knew how to draw that out.
~ Ben R.
I was guided back towards my ideal self, I discovered who I was, what I’m passionate about and found love for myself that had been lost. I also developed the courage to design my dream job that I was too afraid to admit I wanted. It has been a journey and if it wasn't the safe space Stephanie created for me to be fully raw and real, I don’t think I would be living this life that I’m so excited about now.
~ Victoria L.
I think I've drunk the same kool-aid my friend did because I now can’t stop sharing about Stephanie either. She has truly changed my life. She has given me the tools to feel empowered and to be able to handle any situation. I feel confident, on track and have done a lot of my own personal healing. I am so thankful for all the changes in my life and have become a raving fan now too!
~ Sonia J.
Stephanie really changed my life. It was amazing working with her because she opened my eyes to what I needed to see to move forward and not get stuck in the past. She helped me clear up a lot of negative thinking that was holding me back as a person and also helped me realize what I needed to get over in order to let the positive flow in.
~ Emily C.
Stephanie has been my secret weapon in life to cut through the crap that I have faced. Over the course of working with her, I have come to know myself differently, have tapped into my personal power and navigate life with more freedom. I feel like I can easily handle whatever life throws at me now without losing my mind ... and THAT is priceless.
~ James S.
It would take too long to describe all the positive shifts that have happened in my life from working with Stephanie. The best way to sum it all up is that she has changed my life. She totally got me and was able to navigate me through troubled waters, leaving me seeing possibilities and feeling very empowered.
~ Lisa N.