In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Yasmine was able to not let the hate in
  • The importance of letting go of toxic relationships (PLEASE just let them go!)
  • How to stand up to bullying
  • Yasmine’s favorite advice from her father to help heal pain and anxiety
  • How to not feel so isolated when it comes to your feelings
  • Yasmine’s way to set boundaries and stay out of negativity
  • How and why to use your voice to stand up for yourself, others and for what’s right.
  • Yasmine’s unique practices to feel and act more confident
  • Yasmine’s go-to practices to quickly and easily get out of a dark emotional state

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Show Notes

EPISODE #1 … here we gooooooo! I’m super pumped and grateful to kick off the Rise Higher Podcast with my friend and the uber talented singer, singer and songwriter, Yasmine Yousaf of Krewella, who pushed through a devastating setback when one of their bandmates left that launched a wave of sexist online abuse. I was appalled by the horrible things people wrote about Yasmine and her sister and am inspired by how she handled it. Yasmine shares how she fought to keep the hate out, and what tools she used to stand up to bullying, both on and offline. Yasmine’s key practices allowed her to break through this difficult time in her life, stay true to her values and to rise above the lies. Today, Yasmine is as a symbol of female empowerment. If you’ve ever felt like a victim, make sure you listen into this insightful and moving episode.

Yasmine Yousaf

Yasmine Yousaf is a member of the electronic dance band, Krewella. The band was formed in 2007, originally consisted her sister, Jahan, along with producer Kris Trindl (who left the group).

Quickly amassing almost half a billion plays, Yasmine and her sister, Jahan Yousaf are pioneers in a male-dominated music industry, and were one of the few female dance groups to secure major club residencies and festival appearances. Their rebellious fashion and attitude inspired their millions of fans to embrace themselves, and they formed an obsessed collective affectionately self-dubbed as the #KREW.

Hailing from Chicago, the electronic sister duo Krewella are active vocal inspirations through their music and editorials. Yasmine Yousaf and Jahan have grown into symbols of female empowerment – personified work ethic that transcended social and gender stigmas to ultimately achieve their dream.

With the platinum hit ‘Alive’ under their belt, they evolved into a live rock / dance hybrid act. With the rare ability to play both acoustic live sets and raucous Las Vegas club residencies, Krewella continues to grow into one of the most unique music performances in the world.


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