EP10: Making Dreams Become A Reality


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Kat’s humble beginnings as an immigrant and how she built her success.
  • A powerful practice that Kat uses to manifest and materialize pretty much anything she wants
  • Kat shares the exact questions she asked herself to recognize her dream and the steps she took to follow her heart and create her own skincare line
  • What Kat does when self-doubt kicks in or she loses motivation to keep going
  • The power of commitment and how it can side-step fear, support you and make everything you desire in life possible
  • Kat shares her top beauty tip which is AMAZING - every woman should do it!
  • Steph gives a tip on how to work with your subconscious mind to start reprogramming to create positive change

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Show Notes

Today’s guest will have you LITERALLY glowing! She’s celebrity skin care expert, entrepreneur and medical esthetician, Kat Rudu. In this episode, Kat shares about her humble beginnings as an immigrant and steps us through how she learned to quiet all the outside noise to tune in to her heart to uncover her true calling and mission in life.

Starting and building a business is not an easy feat, and Kat authentically shares all the trials and triumphs of forging her path in the beauty industry and creating her own wildly successful KÁT RUDU Pure Biotic skincare line.

Along the way, there were doubts and fears, and even naysayers on her vision, but Kat didn’t let it stop her. She shares how her commitment to her dream helped her to sidestep fear, and what fuels her inner drive to never give up.

Kat is a powerful manifester on a mission, and one of the truth bombs she shares with all the women she inspires is, “There’s never a perfect time to start your dream. So start now.”


Kat Rudu

Celebrity skin care expert Kát Rudu’s beauty philosophy is simple. She believes that the path for vibrant skin at any age comes from choosing to be happy while living passionately, feeding the soul, feeding the body and feeding the skin well. She believes that a woman’s skin is the pictorial of her journey; the expression of where’s she’s been, who she’s loved and where she’s going.

For Rudu, skincare is not a job, it’s an art and she’s an artist. As a medical esthetician, she began performing state of the art treatments nearly 20-years-ago enhancing products and infusing customized ingredients to create mixes that were transformative. Empowered by the changes and confidence she saw with each patient who left with a glow, she started from scratch formulating and compounding crèmes with a range of innovative actives and botanicals, amino acids and peptides to further amp up the results of her protocols.

Before long, she had built a range of products paired to her signature facials that fed the skin with the most potent, nutrient rich formulas. KÁT RUDU Pure Biotic Skincare was born. The unique collection nourishes the skin at its cellular level, revealing a fresh and dewy glow and each KÁT RUDU product represents a facial with Kat – the best in luxury, chemistry and efficacy.

An expert in creating glowing, age defying complexions and trusted by some of the world’s most beautiful woman, she credits her expertise to her European roots, world travels, and continuous quest for knowledge about everything beauty.


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