EP17: Activating Your Power To Heal Within


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to feel more confident and empowered
  • A practice to break the trap of comparison
  • Ways to vibrate higher and release our limitations that stop our self-expression and creativity
  • A pathway to receive more love in relationships
  • How to stop basing our worthiness on our appearance
  • Why you need pain and discomfort to truly change and grow
  • How to use your body to heal and experience freedom, and Lauren shares some
  • Daily practices to cleanse mind, heart and soul

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Show Notes

Today’s episode had me bursting with magical energy as we were recording. I’ve got my incredible guest, Lauren Taus, who is someone that just lights up my heart. Lauren is a renowned yoga instructor and clinical therapist who is a master at creating endless space for authenticity.

I was hanging with Lauren one day with some other amazing women and Lauren asked us to share what our magic is. Through the conversation, it came out that when she was younger, she thought her face was offensive to people. I was in shock when she said that. Like literally it did not compute in my mind how that could be a real thought for her because she’s one of the most radiant women I know.

I know it’s because of our own pain and challenges that help us to grow and emerge into who we are meant to become and this is exactly what Lauren shares in this episode.

Lauren uncovers how she shifted from living in self shame to become the confident, courageous and empowering healer she is today. She shares deeply about her struggle with body image and self love and how that impacted her romantic relationships. We touch on her journey to forgive her mother and when she realized that the power to heal that relationship was inside of her.

This episode is packed with a ton of wisdom and some really powerful practices for rewiring your beliefs to set yourself free, and in Lauren-style you’re gonna get some raw, open and honest authenticity.


Lauren Taus

In a world that tells you exactly who to be, true self expression is no small task. Lauren combines decades of experience as a clinical therapist and a yoga instructor to create endless space for authenticity. Working with Lauren means developing new, improved thought and behavior patterns that unlock freedom, empowerment, abundance and joy in everyday living.

Lauren trains leading innovators across a variety of sectors. Her client list includes successful startups in the wellness industry, hedge fund portfolio managers, and several celebrity clients. She also teaches at Soho House, Sweat Yoga, Equinox, and she regularly leads transformative wellness adventures around the world.

Lauren also partners with brands like Yoga Journal, Health Magazine, Prevention, The Times Square Alliance, Samsung + Wanderlust and more to spread her message of informed wellness and optimized living.


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