EP20: From Childhood Trauma To 7-Figure Freedom


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to develop compassion for yourself and your experiences
  • A practice to let go of negative and limiting beliefs
  • The power of forgiveness to set yourself free of the past
  • How to shift out of self-doubt
  • The importance of creating your system of support in friends and coaches
  • Why it’s ok to not have a relationship with someone who has done horrible things to you, even if they are family
  • The first step you must take to be able to radically change your life
  • Kimra shares her best advice to break free of the past into mega success

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Show Notes

Today we dive in with Kimra Luna, mother, personal branding and online business strategist, self-made 7-figure entrepreneur, and founder of Freedom Hackers. Kimra has one of the most amazing transformation stories that I’ve heard.

When Kimra started her business in May 2014, she went from welfare to creating a 7-figure business in just over a year while raising 2 children and pregnant with her third.

That’s the surface level story that most people are impressed by when they hear Kimra’s story going from Welfare to 7-figures.

But, what most people don’t know, and what we drop deeply in about today is how painful and chaotic Kimra’s past was. Today, Kimra vulnerably shares about her excruciating childhood trauma, and what it was like for her growing up in an intensely abusive household.

In this episode, Kimra shares about her past, and she also goes in depth on how she was able to turn all that pain around to rise up, and to not have her traumatic past define her future.

Kimra talks all about the inner work she did to heal and to have the confidence to create the success she now has with her life and business.


Kimra Luna

Kimra Luna is a personal branding and online business strategist. She helps freedom-seeking entrepreneurs to stand out, captivate their audiences’ attention and monetize their authentic brands online.

From a standing start in May 2014, she’s grown her email list and combined social media followings to over 200,000 people. Online entrepreneurs widely regard her Facebook group, The Freedom Hackers Mastermind, as one of the most supportive places on the internet.


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