EP24: Learning To See Pain As A Gift


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How the perception of your life determines your happiness and ability to rise above pain and struggle
  • Why tragedies and trauma are blessings given to us
  • How to redefine ABUNDANCE in your life that’s independent of wealth
  • Why being connected to your soul is the only way to accomplish greatness
  • How to shift from feeling like a victim in your circumstances to being empowered again
  • How obedience was the pathway to Biet’s healing and growth
  • What Biet did to go from food stamps and medicaid to creating an empire and luxurious life
  • Steps you can take to begin your path of personal growth and spirituality

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Show Notes

If you’ve been through deep pain and inner struggle, I know you are gonna really connect today with my guest, Biet Simkin who is a spiritual teacher and founder of Center of the Cyclone Meditation.

Prior to being told that her path was to be a spiritual teacher, Biet struggled with a heroin addiction and she went through one shocking loss after the next. She personally had a near-death experience as a kid, she lost her mother to cancer at a young age, her baby passed away at 4 months old, her best friend committed suicide, a fire destroyed her home, and she lost her father who had taught her how to meditate as a toddler.

Biet shares how she came to view the excruciating losses in her life as tremendous gifts and how connecting to her soul shifted everything.

Biet’s story is a meltdown-to-miracle testament that hitting rock bottom doesn’t mean you have to stay there. It really doesn’t. You can rise up and out if you’re willing to shift your perception of suffering and look inward for answers.

This episode is PACKED with juicy, real and raw truths and insights. Nowadays, Biet uses her gifts to help thousands of people embrace meditation as a way to stop listening to the negative voice so we can commune with our higher selves, with the true voice, so that we can guide ourselves through any sort of suffering, personal hardships or confusing states of being.


Biet Simkin

Biet Simkin, Spiritual Teacher. She creates epic meditation experiences all over the globe. She doesn’t pretend you are a fucking lotus flower and speaks to the human experience. She is inspired by the rare and almost impossible task of entering into the present moment.

She is the founder of Center of the Cyclone Meditation and has been written up in Vogue, Elle & Forbes to name just a few… She has collaborated with brands like Lululemon, Soulcycle & Sony. She has been featured at Sundance Film Festival, Summit Series & MoMA among many others. She recently did a collaboration with Deepak Chopra in NYC. Her new book is due out with Simon and Schuster in April 2019.

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