EP26: Spiritual Wealth, Intuition & Meditation


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Light shifted out of $2 million in debt into a perspective of gratitude and as his opportunity to grow
  • The advice Light received that altered his mindset to see his way out
  • The importance of releasing attachment to outcomes to create peace, presence and freedom in your life
  • Why finding comfort in the discomfort is a super power you can harness anytime and anywhere to manage anything
  • How to align with Universal laws and truths to create a reality you want
  • Why people often struggle with meditation, and how to overcome that
  • How to tune into your intuitive voice to guide you to opportunities that are beneficial for your growth

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Today I sit down with my friend, Light Watkins, Vedic Meditation teacher and best-selling author.

Light is paving the way to make meditation more accessible than ever before, and he recently released his second book “Bliss More: How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying”, which I highly recommend that you pick up if you want to delve into your own meditation practice.

In this episode, Light opens up about his personal journey to spiritual wealth that included a challenging time of his life when he found himself $2 million dollars in debt after becoming involved in a ponzi scheme and he wasn’t able to pay his bills while living on a yoga teacher’s salary.

It took Light three years to bounce back, and in today’s episode he talks openly about what he did to rebuild himself and his life, as well as what he learned along the way. He actually credits that experience and the painful discomfort it caused him, as being the opportunity he needed to strengthen his relationship with his own intuition, and to become the global Vedic meditation teacher that he is today.

We also dive deep into the topic of meditation. and why it’s a tool to unlock the super power to tune into your own intuition to discover the divine truth within. If you struggle to meditate, we got your back cuz Light busts some common meditation myths and he shares a powerful tool on how to set the right intention for your meditation practice to make it E.A.S.Y. Meditation is one of Light’s zone of genius, and I can’t wait for you to learn from him.

Light Watkins
Light Watkins has been practicing and teaching meditation for nearly 20 years. His specialty is showing regular people how to turn meditation from a chore to a delight. Light also delivers keynotes and leads sold-out retreats on meditation and happiness. He just released his second book entitled Bliss More: How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying. He produces The Shine, which is a global pop-up inspirational variety show that highlights regular people who are using their talents and gifts to help people in meaningful ways. Every morning (for over two years now), Light sends out a daily dose of inspiration email to counterbalance some of the negativity we each face in our lives.


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