In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to quiet the voice in our head that creates doubt
  • How to channel inner strength when it feels like the world is caving in
  • After losing everything, how to build yourself back up
  • The key steps to asking and getting the answers you want
  • The key question to ask yourself that will always direct you back to your personal power
  • How to manage anger, sadness and fear, (and not letting those feelings control you)
  • How to motivate yourself in those moments you can’t get out of bed in the mornings
  • What is the root of all of our suffering and how to let it go
  • How to identify the stories we need to let go of, and how to rewrite our future
  • The healing rituals to handle post surgery and the side effects of radiation
  • Daya’s go-to practices to get out of an emotionally dark place

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Show Notes

Daya Vaidya is an actress, wife, mother and two-time cancer survivor. Unlike others who may give up and allow cancer to knock them down, Daya Vaidya decided to follow a different route.  Even when giving up felt enticing, she rose up and built an immense amount of strength to follow the little voice that kept telling her, ‘you’re not done yet.’

I LOVED diving deep into Daya’s story, and am inspired by how she beat cancer while looking after her children. Daya also shares how her family lost everything during her fight with cancer, and all she and her family did to recover and rebuild even stronger. Daya shares amazing insights on the power of the mind and the rituals she used that saved her from a dangerous downward spiral. She also tells us how the love and support of her husband meant everything during her times of illness. I have to say, this story goes deep…REAL deep.

There is something so profound about coming face to face with one’s own mortality, and coming out the other side, stronger and wiser. Get ready for some powerful life lessons in this episode. Her advice holds true for anyone who finds themselves in a tough situation.


Daya Vaidya

Daya was raised in Oakland, California, before attending UCLA, where she majored in Theater and minored in Dance. After taking a sabbatical from college and dancing on scholarship with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York City, Daya returned to Los Angeles to complete her studies at UCLA, earning a BFA in Theater. She has appeared in over two dozen films, television shows and commercials. She is currently recurring on Amazon’s procedural thriller, “Bosch,” and just wrapped a guest star role in Major Crimes on TNT. Daya met her husband Don Wallace on the set of the award winning, indie film “Blue,” which he wrote, they starred in together and he produced. They have three children and live in Los Angeles.


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