EP31: Meeting Your Needs


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The critical importance of meeting yourself and your needs daily without relying on anyone else
  • Why it’s critical to say what you need and want without apology to increase your self-worth
  • How paying attention to your energy can teach you what you need in life
  • What a broken heart can tell us about ourselves and life
  • How to shift the internal safety mechanism that often stops us from creating the life
  • Why the more you are ok uncertainty, the more freedom you’ll have in life
  • The neuroscience behind why we get stuck or afraid of taking risks
  • How the extent your success in life is directly tied to your willingness to be uncomfortable

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Show Notes

Today I’ve got my friend, Ashley Stahl, counterterrorism professional turned career coach, entrepreneur and she’s the host of the You Turn Podcast.

There was a path I wanted to take with Ashley on today’s episode, but before we started recording she asked me a question that broke me open to start sharing vulnerably about how I hadn’t been owning my worth in a relationship that was just starting for me. Ashley coached me a bit and got me to see that I wasn’t fully standing in exactly what I wanted in a relationship and being willing to only accept exactly that and nothing less, cuz I was settling.

So, before we started recording, Ashley encouraged me just to be open and willing to share from that raw vulnerable place that I was sitting in and to just flow and share what was true for us in this episode without following a plan.

When we hit record, that’s where we started and so much good stuff flowed from that. Many of us chase things, or we settle in life, and that’s not for our highest good. We are meant to have what we desire and that starts with being clear with what we want, speaking it and owning our worth to have it. We must be willing to stop setting, let go of scarcity, let go of attachments to things, people, and outcomes and to stand in what we want and trust that life will deliver it when we stand in our worthiness to have it.  

In today’s episode, Ashley shares lessons and practical steps that will arm you with the knowledge you need to step into your worthiness, meet your own needs, and trust that life is ultimately conspiring in your favor (because it is!). No more chasing or settling for ‘good enough.’ It’s time to give yourself permission to speak up and claim exactly what you desire and to welcome it into your life.


Ashley Stahl

Ashley Stahl is a counterterrorism professional turned career coach, entrepreneur and host of the You Turn Podcast, which seeks to upgrade your love life, work and mindset. She’s also founder of CAKE Publishing, a house of ghostwriters, copywriters and publicists that help influencers and companies elevate their message. Visit AshleyInternational.com for her private coaching, CakePublishing.com for ghostwriting support, and YouTurnPodcast.com to get inspired!


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