EP34: Managing Mental Health & Recovery


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The reason why now more than ever people are feeling stress, anxiety, depression, alone and hopeless
  • How mindfulness and mediation can be an effective tool in overcoming stress and anxiety
  • The importance of treating the individual, not the affliction
  • The different healing modalities to treat mental health and addiction
  • The power of combining evidence-based treatment with holistic treatment.
  • Learning to identify when you’re in high levels of stress and how to reduce it
  • One of the most important things you must have in your life to support you in staying in recovery

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Show Notes

Today I’ve got the incredible Dr. Reza Nabavi joining me to discuss stress, mental health, addiction, and the path toward healing. Dr. Nabavi has been a clinical psychologist for nearly two decades, and he’s the CEO, founder, and Executive Director of Resolutions Therapeutic Services. Let’s just say he knows what he’s talking about!

Dr. Nabavi shares his clinic’s approach to dealing with mental health issues, ranging from anxiety and depression, to stress, to addiction and co-occurring disorders (substance use + psychological disorder). His approach is a unique combination of evidence-based and holistic-based treatment, meaning he combines many different modalities that are customized to each client’s needs. There’s no cookie cutter formula, but an individualized approach to healing.

We all have stress in our lives and we are living in a society where we’re more connected, yet lonelier, than ever, and that’s taking its toll. It can be difficult to navigate, and Dr. Nabavi shares his strategies for dealing with this stress, and is here to share insights, resources and practices to manage mental health and empower you to create healing in your life.


Reza Nabavi

Dr. Reza Nabavi, the Founder and Executive Director of Resolutions Therapeutic Services in Santa Monica, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in the Los Angeles area who has over 18 years of clinical experience working with individuals and families suffering from alcohol and chemical dependency, problem gambling, sexual compulsivity, low self-esteem, mood and anxiety disorders, chronic mental illness, men’s issues, interpersonal problems, process addictions, and co-occurring disorders. His psychodynamic training does not limit his use of other modalities.

Dr. Reza’s integrative approach incorporates humanistic, family systems, and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. While long-term depth work can be valuable in terms of gaining important insight into one’s self, not everyone has the luxury of being in therapy for years. Dr. Reza understands this and uses a strengths-based approach because he believes in empowering clients by teaching them practical and more effective coping skills that they can utilize on their own.

For the past five years, since opening up Resolutions Therapeutic Services in Santa Monica, CA, Dr. Reza has been entirely focused on bringing together the most talented team of clinicians in the field to create the strongest trauma informed and evidence based IOP in the greater Los Angeles area.


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