EP38: Cultivating Limitless Abundance & Freedom


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to completely accept what exists in the now to live fully and powerfully
  • The importance of creating alignment for worthiness and abundance
  • How to become conscious and begin to heal past traumas to set yourself free
  • What ‘trauma’ really means, and how it affects your energy and your life
  • The importance of living your truth and how to access it
  • How to pave your own path to success and financial abundance
  • How to focus on the present moment to release fear and doubt
  • How to cultivate the right environment and community to elevate yourself and your life
  • Why you should always have an “attitude of gratitude”


Show Notes

You have the power to create whatever you want and to live a life of your choosing. On today’s episode you are gonna get a mega dose of how to do that with my friend, Preston Smiles. Preston is a best-selling author and a leading force in the new thought leader movement determined to spread love across the globe by teaching the vital importance of connecting with your authentic self and living your TRUTH.  

You’re going to hear us talking a lot the Bridge Experience, a live two day transformational training that Preston facilitates with his amazing wife, Alexi Panos. This powerful training supports you in permanently shifting the quality of your life and the impact you have on it. It has you breakthrough to experience true freedom and empowerment to design and live a life on your terms.

You’re going to hear Preston’s personal journey from being in special education, a gang and the black sheep of the family, to releasing old programming to become a powerful force of change in this world. He details his path to intentionally design his life of alignment, abundance, and limitless possibilities. We drop in on so many things in this episode. From radical acceptance, speaking your truth, owning your true worthiness, to releasing past traumas to open you up to a whole new world of possibilities, Preston is full of incredible insights and tips to help you create an aligned life of success, abundance and freedom.

Preston Smiles

As a leading force in the new thought leader movement, Preston Smiles is hitting new heights and blazing trails both internationally and in his home country of the US. Preston is determined to spread love across the globe by teaching the vital importance of living your TRUTH to as many people as possible.

After becoming the best-selling author of LOVE LOUDER: 33 Ways to Amplify Your life and NOW OR NEVER: Your Epic Life in 5 Steps, Preston founded the Stretch 22 and Man Cave programs, as a way to offer the seekers of the world an opportunity to expand by joining a like-minded community. Preston’s ability to disrupt social patterns and teach individuals of all ages and cultures how to connect with their authentic selves, is changing the way humans exist as a species.

Preston is a highly sought after speaker, having shared the stage with the brilliant minds of Jack Canfield, Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, and Lewis Howes in 2018 alone. Preston’s achievements have landed him in on the cover of MILLENNIAL Magazine and INSPIRED COACH magazine, and he’s been featured in ORIGIN Magazine, Cosmopolitan SA, LA WEEKLY, and Los Angeles Magazine. You can hear Preston on top rated podcast like The School of Greatness, IMPACT THEORY, The Rich Roll Podcast, Addicted to Success, and many more.

Prestons millions of followers over YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram return daily to get their dose of his exclusive blend of urban mystic, afro amazing surfer, fashion guru, and truth teller. But what they really can’t get enough of, is the intimate peek inside Preston’s personal life with his beautiful wife, Alexi Panos and precious baby boy, Kingston Ra. To see someone expose themselves to the depth that Preston does with his audience, proves that vulnerability is the ultimate form of strength. How to completely accept what exists in the now to live fully and powerful.



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