In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Dr. Jaffe went from being an addict and drug dealer to a UCLA professor and nationally recognized expert on mental health, addiction and the stigma that darkens both
  • How rituals played a key role in breaking free of his deeply embedded, self-destructive patterns in order to rebuild his life - and stop taking it for granted
  • The power that comes from embracing the pain, all of it, and the importance of actively seeking out support through difficult times (Doing it alone doesn’t prove anything!)
  • The selfish reason for wanting others to do well and how those feelings make your own life better
  • Real, tangible and healing steps toward recovery and discovering your life’s purpose (and how your past experience can guide your path forward)
  • Go-to practices for how to deal with the darkness we all experience -- and how shame keeps you struggling until you learn to share it with others

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Show Notes

I can’t wait for you to hear my guest’s story today. Seriously. Dr. Adi Jaffe shares his experience of rising up from being an ex-addict and drug dealer to becoming a nationally recognized expert on mental health, addiction, and stigma. His journey is incredibly inspiring and shows that it’s possible to get back to the light after living in the darkness. Your past does not equal your future.

In this episode Dr, Jaffe shares how important it is to embrace the pain, to reach out for support in hard times, to cultivate hope, and to use ritual to break old patterns.  He also shares some of the things he support his clients with.


Dr. Adi Jaffe

Dr. Jaffe lectures in the Psychology department at UCLA. His work and research focus on changing the way Americans think about and deal with mental health issues.

Dr. Jaffe draws upon his own personal experience with mental health and addiction to fuel his work, primarily helping us understand the role shame plays in destroying lives. His views and research on the topic have been published in dozens of peer journals and publications, and he has appeared numerous times on TV shows and documentaries. His current research focuses on evidence-based but non-traditional approaches to treating addiction and mental health.


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