EP47: Re-discovering Trust & Honesty After Heartbreak


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to develop an awareness of your emotions so you can self-regulate
  • The destructive subconscious belief we all hold, and how to release it
  • Why you must ask for what you need in relationships
  • The biggest blocks toward open and sustainable communication
  • How to remain in your integrity and honesty
  • The power of trust and truth in any kind of relationship
  • Steps to speak your truth and have your communication be heard
  • The process of forgiveness
  • How to trust yourself again

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On today’s episode, I’ve got the incredible Jill Coleman, co-founder of the Metabolic Effect and badass mindset, body and biz coach, here to share her personal developments when it comes to trust and communication, and how you can start utilizing trust as a tool for sustainable relationships. If Jill’s name sounds familiar, you may have tuned into my previous episode with her ex-husband, Jade Teta, in which he discussed his transformation after having an affair while still married to Jill. Now, Jill is here to share her side of the story, and her own journey toward honesty, authenticity, and sustainable relationships. And this journey has allowed Jill and Jade to cultivate a loving and close relationship with each other now even as they are no longer married.

It may seem hard to bounce back from an intense breach of trust, but Jill is here to help you realize that despite the hardships, trusting yourself and the other person in relationships, whether they’re romantic or not, is one of the most powerful steps you can take toward healing. Negative emotions, triggers, and fears will always crop up, but it’s how you handle these flare-ups that matters. Jill strongly believes in the power of communication, despite underlying fears of the other person’s reactions.

Communication is key. Remember: You’re worthy to speak your truth. Sometimes we don’t want to ask for what we need. Maybe we’ve already made the decision that the other person will have a certain reaction, and there’s a lot fear there. But Jill is here to help you work through that fear, and come out on the other side more honest, authentic, and full of self-trust than ever before.

Jill Coleman

In addition to launching her personal brand at JillFit.com in 2010, Jill Coleman was a co-founder of Metabolic Effect, Inc. Her 16-year journey in the health and fitness industry began when she got her very first job at a gym just for the free membership at 15!

Since then, it’s a been a whirlwind of education in exercise science and nutrition, fitness competitions, landing several national covers for fitness modeling and plenty of business growth. Her work has been featured in SELF magazine, Family Circle, SHAPE, Women’s Health magazine, Prevention magazine and many online news outlets like Yahoo Health, LiveStrong.com and AOL’s That’s Fit.

Her passion lies in coaching in the areas of mindset, body and business, which she does via her flagship program, The Best Of You (BOY) Coaching Club mentorship, as well as a few signature online programs, like the Mindset Makeover, the Food Obsession Boot Camp and her 52-week exercise program, the Total Training Experience (TTE).How to develop an awareness of your emotions so you can self-regulate



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