In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The importance of, and liberation from surrendering
  • How to find yourself again when you lose your identity
  • Moving past postpartum depression
  • Why it’s critical to ask for support and connect when you’re in darkness
  • The power of vulnerability
  • How to ask the universe to take care of you
  • How to be strong in the face of pain
  • Why it’s important to learn from everyone, not just positive people
  • Speaking up to give others permission to do the same
  • Nicole reminds stay-at-home-moms they are enough
  • Nicole shares her go-to practices to get out of an emotionally dark place

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Show Notes

Postpartum depression is a part of motherhood that we don’t talk about that much but we should. In this episode, I get deep, raw and real with my dear friend, TV host, entrepreneur, and mama, Nicole Dabeau. Nicole courageously shares how she suffered a debilitating episode of postpartum depression that landed her in the hospital. She details her journey to heal, to rediscover who she is after losing her identity, and she gives us some seriously insightful advice about surrendering and vulnerability.

There is a TON of goodness in this episode, and be prepared for some laughs.

Nicole is a true inspiration and a powerful voice for women and mothers everywhere.


Nicole Dabeau

Nicole is a proud mama to her daughter Charlie who is almost 2 years old, an entrepreneur currently building 2 businesses, one that is for all the ladies out there, a TV Host with an exciting project in the works (I can’t tell you much about it but can talk about why I’m excited about it) and a woman who is out to support other women by sharing her truth about motherhood and beyond.


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