EP51: Overcoming Self-judgment & Body Shame


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to release insecurities and embrace all of who we are
  • The power of authenticity
  • Steps to release shame and the value we put on our image
  • How to love and accept yourself just as you are
  • Disarming the trolls in our mind, aka self-judgments
  • The importance of reaching out and communicating with others
  • How your words shape your reality

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Today we’re dropping in about overcoming self-judgment, insecurities and body shame. I know this is something almost everyone struggles with so this is an important conversation to bring into the light to heal the shame that’s sitting in the shadow that many people struggle with in silence.

Now I hope you’re ready for twice the magic in this episode because I’ve got the amazing power couple, Quddus and Carmina Philippe, who are both TV hosts, speakers, coaches and co-founders of Camera Ready diving deep into how much we all struggle with insecurities and our body image, how that can end up feeling isolating and paralyzing, and how to change it.

Carmina and Quddus open up about their own personal struggles with body image, self-judgments, and placing too much value on image and their process of healing that. In a society where you’re constantly seeing airbrushed models, it’s easy to compare, self-criticize and believe that image is the most important thing. We’re constantly being bombarded by the message that how you look is a big part of your value. But Quddus and Carmina are here to break that way of thinking, to show you how to love and accept yourself, and to help you discover that your true value lies in who you are.

Carmina Philippe

Oscar winner Jamie Foxx said it best, “Carmina has the Midas Touch, everyone she works with turns into gold.” Carmina Philippe is a TV host, speaker and transformational coach with roots in Mexico. She moved to Hollywood and got her break on Latin television as a TV host on Telemundo, Univision and Fox Sports en Espanol, interviewing stars like David Beckham, Coldplay and Sofia Vergara. Carmina and her husband Quddus realized they wanted to make a deeper impact so they co-created the experiential media training, Camera Ready.

Quddus Philippe

Chris Rock once said, “If Oprah and Ryan Seacrest had a love child, the kid would end up being like Quddus.” Quddus Philippe is a TV host, speaker and transformational coach originally from Canada. His break hosting the hit show TRL (MTV) led to a nomination for “Favorite TV Personality” at the Teen Choice Awards then hosting shows like Access Hollywood (NBC) and The Insider (CBS). His passion for bringing out the best in people and a shared vision with his wife Carmina, turned into the experiential media training, Camera Ready.



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