In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Overcoming trauma and how to heal our past
  • The power of self love to deeply heal and find peace again
  • How to support and love yourself through tough times
  • How to break fear patterns
  • Busting the victim cycle and stepping into your own power
  • Letting down our masks to nurture authentic connections we desire
  • How to avoid suffering in silence
  • What’s blocking you from getting what you want
  • Self care and amping up your own happiness
  • Tawnia’s go-to practices to get out of an emotionally dark place

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Show Notes

The pain of trauma, especially in childhood can sting for decades if they’re left unresolved. Join me as I chat with my dear friend, prolific TV director & producer, Tawnia Mckiernan, as she gets raw and real about her journey through immense trauma and how she healed it through self-love.

Self-love is the salve that supports us in healing the pain of the past so that we can reclaim our power and move forward into our beautiful future. Self-love is crucial in overcoming trauma. Your traumatic experiences do not have to define you.

Tawnia is a total badass, and despite her deeply challenging past, she rose from the ashes, just like the Phoenix! She’s a living example that you can reclaim your life and move through your trauma to experience abundant self-esteem, confidence, loving intimate relationships, and a deep sense of meaning in your life.


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This is the program that Tawnia talks about in today’s episode that was the catalyst to shift her out of the dark and into the light.

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Tawnia Mckiernan

Tawnia McKiernan is a prolific director who has been working in the entertainment industry for over twenty years. She began directing in 1996 on the syndicated television show RENEGADE, which she co-directed with her father, writer/producer Stephen J. Cannell. She also directed multiple episodes of SILK STALKINGS and VIP after assistant directing on several smaller budget movies and pilots.

In 2002, Tawnia was hired to direct multiple episodes of the critically acclaimed show NYPD BLUE. This was followed by directing assignments on such high profile shows as ER, BONES, MONK, ROYAL PAINS, THE MENTALIST, GRIMM, BURN NOTICE, DEVIOUS MAIDS, THE LIBRARIANS, BLUE BLOODS, CRIMINAL MINDS, NCIS:LA, BLINDSPOT, AND SUPERGIRL She also directed the two hour lifetime movie, SECRETS OF EDEN starring John Stamos and Anna Gunn.

Tawnia has most recently been working on developing her own shows. She resides in foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains with her husband, three kids, dog and cat.

Follow me on social media @iamstephaniekwong on Instagram and Stephanie Kwong on Facebook.



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