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Hiring someone to support you in elevating your life is a profound act of self-love. You are choosing to make an investment in yourself for positive radical change. You are taking action to grow and develop, courageously stepping towards coming back to your infinite potential. You are ready to get clear on what you want, to create a solid pathway to get there and stay the course to build the life of your dreams.

Together, we will ensure you succeed in living a life you love. I’m here to help you identify and remove your blocks, open you up to new pathways and possibilities, hold you to your greatest self, help you to build the muscle to lift yourself higher, give you a gentle nudge or sometimes a big push and all the while, I’ll be cheering you along the entire way.

You don’t have to do it alone anymore. If you are ready to take your life to amazing new heights and are willing to dive in and do the work, let’s talk.

Here are the ways we can work together…


You’re human. Often influenced by outside forces in your life. After years of trying to live up to who you thought you were supposed to be, you forgot who you are, what you’re passionate about and what you truly want to create in your life. With the Get On the Path package, we will embark on a unique transformational journey together, to rediscover yourself and move you onto the unique, personal path you can be fired up about, today and every day.

This is a custom designed program to help you design your life on your terms and take massive action to create major transformations. You are ready for some big change in a beautiful way. Together, we will work to get you from where you are to where you want to be and get you connected to the true authentic you.

This package includes :

  • A custom designed program based around the transformation and results you most want.
  • A 90 minute Deep Dive Session : An in-depth assessment of discovering you, your values, what’s working/not working in your life, what you want and what might be holding you back from achieving your hearts desire (so we can get those blocks out of the way!).
  • 1:1 Attention : Two – 60 minute private coaching sessions per month (via phone or skype).
  • Custom designed practices to work with between sessions to lock in the learning, increase your capacities (in a good way), break up habits that are disempowering and move you towards what you want.
  • Accountability and priority email support in between sessions for additional support and effectiveness.
  • Access to The Fueled by Love online program for no additional charge outside of coaching.



Do you have an important dream or goal that keeps getting put on the sideline? Do you feel that you could make it happen if you had some extra guidance, wisdom and support to drive your business or mission forward?

Together we will create a focused strategy to accomplish your goal whether it be personal or professional. We will create a clear and easy action plan and I will keep you accountable and lovingly support you along the way. I’ll be showing you my jedi-mind tricks to create the positive shifts in your mindset for you to stay motivated and inspired to achieve your goal.

The time is now. Stop thinking about it and let’s make it happen for you!

This package includes :

  • 1:1 Attention : Two – 60 minute private coaching sessions per month (via phone or skype).
  • Personalized strategy and implementation plan.
  • Accountability and priority email support in between sessions for additional support and effectiveness.




If you struggle to achieve your goals, feel stuck, or have a hard time breaking a habit and think, “Something’s wrong with me,” I’m here to tell you there isn’t. The only thing that’s wrong is faulty programming.

Your life is essentially a printout of your subconscious programs. All of us got programmed when we were very young, and about 95% of your life comes from the subconscious programming that you don’t see.

So all the things that come easily to you in your life are there because you have a program that creates it to be there. At the same time, anything that’s a struggle to make happen is because your programs don’t support that.

You can “know” in your conscious mind that you want to make a change and be determined to make that change, but if your “computer is programmed” to keep doing what you are doing, it will be nearly impossible to make lasting change. This is what creates the struggle, which can have you feel stuck, and you’ll keep self-sabotaging unless you change the programming. Well, hypnosis can alter the brain and change the programming to help you rock your life!

Hypnotherapy is a proven therapeutic process where we work together using hypnosis to help you successfully make the changes you want so you can reach your goals. When you’re in hypnosis, you’re in a focused state of awareness where the body is fully relaxed, but the mind is awake. In this state, your subconscious mind can be accessed to create the positive change and transformation you desire for yourself through the use of your hypnotic suggestions.

There are A LOT of different ways hypnosis can help to create positive change, like 140+ ways! Some of the most common ones I work with is expanding self-confidence, self-love, motivation, focus, abundance, career success, reduce stress and anxiety, stop smoking, weight loss, procrastination, test anxiety, writer’s block, fears & phobias, breaking habits, public speaking, and more.

During our hypnotherapy sessions together, we focus on the positive changes you want to make and we discover different strategies to help you achieve what you desire. Then, I’ll help jumpstart these changes through hypnosis, where we’ll tap into the resources within you to empower your subconscious to make these changes more quickly, easily and effectively. Through hypnosis, say buh-bye to feeling stuck and get ready to breakthrough and elevate!

Schedule your free 20-minute consultation below to see how hypnosis can help you achieve what you want to live your best life!




Over the years, I’ve had the honor and joy of working with hundreds of people around the world, from CEOs to actors, and everyone in between. From our work together, I have witnessed powerful life-transforming miracles and shifts they created in their lives. It all starts with YOU. If you are ready to begin having what you want, committing and expanding yourself in ways you never have before, diving deep to change your life -let’s connect. I invite you to schedule a free initial 20-minute consultation to get acquainted and to see if we are the right fit.